RadTech Imaging Services provides new medical imaging equipment installation and deinstallation as well as relocations of equipment.

The work we perform involves a full line of equipment from R&F rooms and Cath Labs to MRI and CT; and entails considerable nationwide travel. For deinstalls, RadTech performs all phases of the project. This includes coordination, deinstallation, packing/crating, moving through the hospital and clinic, and loading onto moving vans or overseas shipping containers. 

Over the past several years, we have performed a great number of deinstalls and new equipment install which has given us a tremendous amount of experience with the wiring and mechanical setup of equipment, including Cath Labs, CT’s, R&F and Rad rooms.  Our highest level of expertise is with Philips Medical Systems equipment; however, we do have experience with other manufactures systems as well. 

RadTech’s primary goals while on the job are to perform safe and high-quality work and provide minimal disruption to hospital personnel and operations.  Because of this, we have had high compliments from hospital department directors as well as project managers, commenting on our interaction and professionalism while on the project. 

For more information about RadTech Imaging Services, please contact us at radtech@radtechimaging.com.

Who we are

We are your Medical Supply Installation Experts!

The professionals at RadTech Imaging Services are your medical equipment installation and deinstallation experts. We are committed to quality and assurance when it comes to setting your equipment rooms up. 

Why we are different

RadTech is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers

Hiring Standards

The RadTech Management team will work hard to hire quality, competent employees, that work to get the job completed professionally and securely. We invite our clients to provide us with feedback in regards to our team so that we can serve you well into the future. 

Scope of Work

RadTech provides medical equipment installation services for radiology equipment. This includes new installs, relocation installs, and deinstallations. We also offer a variety of delivery and transportation options that fit your business's needs. 

Quality Service

The RadTech quality objectives are to provide a quality service to our clients that will exceed their expectations and allow our business to grow. In addition, we aim to complete the requested job in a timely manner and to meet the client request. 

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